Best Child Specialist in Ganga Nagar

It’s every parents nightmare that if his child is suffering from a disease or having severe illness then it may be diagnosed. Many people spend a huge time to look after and take care of their child. But somehow their child is being suffered from illness or a disease. Then the need arises for a child specialist.

pediatric doctor in ganga nagar

A child specialist works closely with children and families giving them emotional and mental support. He also plays an important role in child development, psychology and health.

Dr. Gagan Agrawal is one of the best child specialists in Ganga Nagar. It is our responsibility to work with a child who is facing illness, disease or trauma. Our main goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety faced by a child. We teach them skills by which they can overcome their fear and their body rests in peace.

pediatrician in meerut

If any child is having severe health issues then after consultation with parents, a proper treatment is given to the child. Dr. Gagan will provide best treatment to your child as he has a vast experience in this field.

If your child or near ones is having any health issue, you can contact us at +91 9675400576 or visit us at Shri Sai Advanced Newborn & Childcare Centre, Divider Road, Ganga Nagar, Near Sai Mandir & Divyajyoti Hospital, Meerut.