Best Child Specialist in Meerut

A child specialist is a professional who work with children during traumatic situations. They provide services to child, child’s family and to the general public too. If you take your child to our centre, first we will assist you with counselling before proceeding to medical procedures and significant tests.

Your child will be provided best facilities that a child care centre provides. That’s why Dr. Gagan Agrawal is one of the best child specialist in Meerut. During medical procedures he will to present to take care of your child and to make him calm if he does not feel well. Children who have experienced life threatning illness and death of his sibling or near ones may certainly need child specialist.

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As a child specialist, we can also provide help to the family as a whole if the situation is drastic. We will consult with the family to know the whole situation and provide best possible results. We will support you in the best possible way, we can.

For complete safety of your child, consult Dr. Gagan Agrawal at +91 9675400576 or visit us at Shri Sai Advanced Newborn & Childcare Centre, Divider Road, Ganga Nagar, Near Sai Mandir & Divyajyoti Hospital, Meerut.