Child Specialist in Ganga Nagar

Child specialists are health care professionals whose main task is to overcome the sickness, disabilities and several disorders from children. And if he is able to do so, then only he can be called as a successful child specialist.

Dr. Gagan Agrawal is a child specialist who lives in Ganga Nagar and works at Shri Sai Advanced Newborn & Childcare Centre. Here, we recognize health issues in children and overcome them by several ways which includes playing, education, medical procedure, support etc. We work very hard to improve health of children. And our main motive is customer satisfaction.

Child Specialist Ganga Nagar

Various facilities which are provided by our centre are as follows:

  • Psycological tests and surgeries
  • Mental support
  • Recreational play
  • Emergency room
  • Consultation with families
  • Tours

To avail our services contact us at +91 9675400576 or visit us at Shri Sai Advanced Newborn & Childcare Centre, Divider Road, Ganga Nagar, Near Sai Mandir & Divyajyoti Hospital, Meerut.